The nettle harvest.

Finding my voice. Writing has never been super easy for me, though i love it and try to  write often. I feel its importance on so many levels. Story telling, i know is something we must keep alive, documentation and recording information and events of all kinds is a gift, not only for ourselves/future selves, but potentially and hopefully for generations to come.

I was granted the gift of a pretty unique childhood and feel that perhaps maybe, one day, a book will crawl out of my finger tips and i too can share a story. A really funny, sometimes tragic, unusual story about my upbringing and how that lead me to where i am right now, and how it helps me to navigate where i am going.

Until then, i have started this blog to first help find my voice, and second to share stories of my day to day, as well as to document happenings on the homestead…no doubt they will overlap with stories from my childhood, being raised on a funny farm in the beautiful foothills of Alberta.

Ok, the nettle harvest!….For the past two weeks i have been harvesting and selling wild stinging nettle. A super food among the spring greens. Rich in so many vitamins and minerals, as well as more protein then any other leafy green. It grows abundantly on the farm i was raised on, on the south side of the Sheep River, 10km as the crow flies from my place now. It fills the pasture, the once was garden, it crowds the falling down barn, and covers the 3 burn sites where 2 houses and an extensive wood shop once stood. It loves disturbed places. Physically and maybe emotionally too.

I pick it with my bare hands, and let it sting me with all its little hairs of folic acid. I heard once that its good for the heart and the flow of blood, so i adopted that and don’t mind being stung. Its also a constant reminder to be present, which in my full days and endless “to do” lists is perfect! I pick it in the morning, when the birds are singing in all their glory, and the land is just waking up. Its been a perfect ritual that last couple weeks, and its been giving me time to watch what other wild treats are coming in. (Stay tuned for those!)

I took a herbology course from a man who would tell us that when harvesting wild food and medicine to NEVER think of the monetary gain that plant will bring you. Instead, think of the essence of the plant, the healing it will provide and the nourishment it will create. Which for me, is an important reminder when eating feels like such an inconvenience, and self-care is not typically high priority. I am learning. Wild-crafting/eating/tincturing/drying/freezing nettle is helping. Its also providing the community i love dearly with wild food and medicine if they wish it, while allowing me to visit the land i love so much. The land i was born and raised on, that i dream about, that i long for. What a fucking gift!

SO, if you are looking for some wild nettle…i got you covered. if not, i will harvest it anyway and learn endless amounts from doing so.




9 thoughts on “The nettle harvest.

  1. Wonderful Isis. You capture the essence and magic of this beautiful part of the world. Most folks don’t realize how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful place….. you however “get it”.


  2. Lovely subject material and writing, Isis: open, honest, natural, grounded, just like you! I look forward to more posts and especially perhaps your childhood chronicles, for you truly had some remarkable experiences growing up, all of which, of course, helped to create the lovely, talented and creative young woman you are. Your voice, I think, has already been found! With much love and admiration —


  3. I got a little lost in ur wilderness while wandering through your words. But I must say, a very peaceful, rich and beautiful place to be! Beautiful writing, very mindful and honoring. Love it.


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